Mission & Vision

Vision & Mission Snjcoe

Vision & Mission

  • To ensure continuous and ongoing professional growth of teachers and teacher educators
  • To improve the quality of teacher education by making it more functional at all levels and for
    all stages.
  • To enlighten, emancipate and empower the student – teacher fraternity and to foster life
    long learning.
  • To emerge as the centre of higher by mainstreaming the practices that facilitates intellectual, emotional, physical and cultural growth of the Students
  • To imbibe the knowledge and develop an understanding the various methods and approaches of organizing learning and experiences of school students.
  • To develop skills required in selecting and organizing learning experiences.
  • To understand the nature of learning processes.
  • To develop skills involved in selecting, developing and using evaluation tools.
  • To develops skills involved in dealing with academic and personal problems of learners.
  • To acquire knowledge and develop an understanding of various procedures and techniques of evaluation and their classroom applications